Primark Shoplog May

Most of the time when I want to go shop at Primark (no matter where ) I need to be prepared mentally, spiritually and physically :)))), if you never been in one of these stores you will probably wander why - insanely long line at the fitting rooms and at the paying point, quite overwhelming.

One of the first things you’ll notice about Primark is that they have massive baskets for you to put all your shopping in. That’s because they want you to buy AS MUCH AS YOU CAN, like EVERYTHING  :)))) 
 I only got a few things and here they are!

Star Wars T-shirt, very cool summer and collector item! I think this is the perfect addition for any Star Wars fan’s wardrobe this summer, price 10 €.

Because summer is coming ( I hope ) and because I activated my holiday mood, I bought 2 beautiful pairs of flat sandals. One pair with pink and blue denim stripes from Atmosphere, price 8 € and another pair on beige with some bling-bling crystals on, from WideFit, price 12€. I think they were a great bargain, I love them and I am really excited to wear it. Primark offers a large variety of shoes, sandals, flip flops and even high heels, so much more than H&M and for less money. All you need is patience and luck to find your size.

I also got a Cedar Wood State backpack, in navy blue for a great price, 8€. I needed something like this for when I take weekend trips with my bike and not only.

I am very happy with how much space there is inside and how good the zipper works. The special fabric allows me to clean it very easy, with a wet piece of cloth. I can carry my IPad, personal make-up bag, even my laptop fits inside, water, food supplies. I find it perfect for a day at the park, summer festival, a day at the zoo, bike trip or even a weekend away somewhere not far from your home. I am very happy that my bf can also use it, as it is quite unisex.
 Overall I don't think I spent to much and I am happy with everything I got and I hope the weather will get better so I can wear my new bling bling sandals :)

At the end I will have to say that shopping is supposed to be an enjoyable experience but not when you go to Primark ! Clothes are on the floor in piles, shoes scattered everywhere, people packed in like sardines and sweating like hell, very hot and no air. Every time I was at Primark, while I was shopping, all I could think off was to run outside for a breath of fresh air. 
Another thing that I won't understand  is why are some of the customers rude and frustrated, it does not cost any money to be kind, social and polite. 
So far I have found the staff in Primark to be friendly and helpful, and I always appreciate a good attitude because I know it must be exhausting to have to deal with rude customers all day, and at Primark you find plenty of that. 
I wander myself if it worth all the trouble? 

Would love to know your shopping experience at Primark, do you like to shop there ? How often do you go ?

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