#randomfromdressing - Bright Colors

  One of my friends, Cris-Mary, challenged me to do #randomfromdressing, so I grabbed some of my favorite clothes & shoes, I wiped my floor with all the items, took pictures and voila the result of this madness :))            

                           ZARA jeans & shoes, GLOW floral shirt, Bijou Brigitte bracelet
I think I will wear this outfit for Easter, my shirt has such a spring vibe, it really sets a happy mood don't you think so ?

                 RESERVED dress & belt, ZARA cardigan, Stradivarius shoes, Lucardi bracelet

One of my favorite dresses, super colorful, just how I like it, perfect to go with my blue shoes.
Dear Cris-Mary, thank you for this tag, it was really fun and as you could see, I also don't match my shoes with the bag


  1. :)) You had fun indeed:D First of all : love them all but i knew this will happen because i knew you will have great taste! The blue Stradivarius shoes are awesome and believe me i have a pair in exact color :D The dress and shirt definitely are screaming : This is Spring Time!
    And yes, not to forget! We have the same taste in wood floors color :D:D
    Enjoy the weekend dear and be sure because you did such beautiful job that i will tag you in my next challenge :D

    1. The dress and the shirt are screaming : I am a flower bush :)))). Thx again, Cris :*

  2. Shoes!!!!!!<3 I love it!!! <3