Happy Birthday..... 6000 years of mascara!

 We're the happy ladies who enjoy these revolutionary cosmetic formulas and a true innovation in terms of mascara. In 2014, mascara is a high-tech, divine cosmetic product that supports our beauty. In ancient Egypt, men and women used to darken eyelashes, eyes, and eyebrows with a mix of black khol, burnt almond powder, honey and crocodile poop to keep evil spirits away from them. This was the first mascara formula, 6000 years ago.

Victorian era,1837 - women were doing huge efforts in order make their eyelashes longer and they used a warm mixture of ash and elderberry juice. I don’t even want to think how difficult, messy and frustrating was the application of this manufacture!

The product that people would recognize as mascara today did not develop until the nineteenth century. A chemist named Eugene Rimmel developed a cosmetic using the newly invented petroleum jelly. The name Rimmel became synonymous with the substance. Across the Atlantic Ocean and at the same time, a man named T. L. Williams created a remarkably similar substance for his sister Maybel. I think everyone guessed that was the first from Maybelline mascara. 

And it passed some years until a true innovation in terms of lengthening eyelashes and a better mascara innovative formula was discovered. In1939 the Polish chemist Helena Rubinstein creates a new mascara formula and the first waterproof mascara. Yet mascara wasn't in a tube still, and it had no cute brush... It was black hard cake and it took another 20 years for a newer innovation; a new product, a better texture and easy application.1957, an important year that marks the first mascara in a tube with a brush and a lotion creamy black texture but still not yet the tube we have nowadays, but more like the one that you squeeze.

2014...... and today we talk about mascara based on polymers with an ultra flexible brush and sometimes accompanied by slight vibrations. Today we can color our eyelashes in green or black, we advise each other if ''scandal eyes'' is better than ''manga eyes'' and our only problem is that we still don’t have enough volume or lengthening...... that was the evolution of the mascara! 

Thanks to 4D technology in make-up, we can speak, dream and use a perfect mascara that does sexy curling,offers full volume, perfect lash separation and provide boost of black intensity color just from a single mascara brush and product, developed by Make-up Studio,professional  make-up line.
This revolutionary Makeup Studio mascara includes everything for the eyelashes!I really love
Make-up Studio Mascara False Lash Effect 4D Extra Black and this product is the only reason I never need false lashes .

Price: 18.90 euro and you can order online, easy and safe from the original webshop of Make-up Studio, click here.


  1. Great post, very interesting! My favourite mascara is "Le Volume" by Chanel and my second favourite is the "Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Mascara" by Estée Lauder :)

    1. I am super happy you liked the post! I only have 1 favorite drugstore mascara and 1 for professional make-up use : sexy curls from NYC, for my personal use and False Lash Effect 4D Extra Black in my kit for clients, and with this 2 I never been tempted to try something else.

  2. So interesting! Here we usually call a mascara "rimel". If you go and ask for a mascara they will give you a hair mascara or a face mascara ahaha
    Would you like to follow each other? ^^ Let me know!

    1. Yes sure we can follow each other.I just did it now with Google friend connect.I know that in some countries is more known as rimel, I am original from Romania and there we also use the word rimel, but as name product(tool) is more known as mascara, probably not to make a confusion with the Rimmel London cosmetic brand :)). Thx for the visit and comment !