Perfect Red Lips !

Red color has made a massive comeback this fall and I'm so happy and excited for this as I love to wear red on my lips. Not pink, not orange or brown but a lipstick in deep, warm and seductive red. Red color has made a massive comeback this fall and I'm so happy and excited for this as I love to wear red on my lips.Whether you go creamy, milky, velvety, glazed or matte, choose a deep red to top off your look and  a shade that suits your skin and transform yourself in diva.

Get ready for the holidays early by adding a bright red lip to your makeup routine now.Red  lipstick is associated with glamour and celebration and here are some of the best option to wear :

Add a touch of Hollywood glamour, or vamp up your look for winter with a flame-red shade! Sexy and glamorous but smart, Hollywood red, spectacular lipstick, in color, pure red pigments and the golden luxurious package: Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture in shade Rouge Neon .




 Beautiful red vibrant shades from Bobbi Brown: Hollywood Red (classic bright candy red), vixen red (deep rich red) and vintage red (deep rich red).

Perfect formula for your foundation

Find out how to choose the perfect formula and texture for your foundation!

Choose a product that matches and treats your skin identity and suits your skin color. My advice is to always ask for a tester and insist in wearing it to see the end results. Be sure to test your foundation in a natural light, (go in front of a window, or outside) most of the shops have incandescent lights that can make your skin look more yellow or golden than natural light. Never go for a darker shade in the hope that it will make you look more tanned and healthy; it will not look natural on your face and it will be impossible to blend it at the edges.

I advice you to select 3 proper shades closest to your natural skin tone and give it time for a reaction with your skin’s acid levels (few minutes will be more than enough), the one that seems to disappear will be the correct shade for you. Different formulations of foundation will have different coverage and effects.

Finding the best texture for you:

1. TINTED MOISTURIZER (BB-cream). They combine SPF, subtle coverage and hydration, it doesn't camouflage the blemishes or any other imperfections. It can be worn by all skin types but is best for those who have almost nothing to cover. It's just for a hint of color. The best way to apply it, is with your fingers. A sponge will absorb way too much of the product.